Terms and Conditions

This agreement outlines your obligations as a member or user of the website www.shopandmint.in and/or the web app Shopandmint.com/in (together the "Website"), which are owned and operated by Shopandmint ("Shopandmint", "us", "we") and explains Shopandmint's obligations to you. By using the Website, you agree that you have read and you understand, and consent to our Privacy Policy and the following Terms and Conditions. 

1. Rebates 
When you complete a cashback transaction through the Website you are eligible for the cash rebate amount specified at the relevant retailer. Although we do our best to make sure that the depicted rebate amounts are accurate, Shopandmint can not guarantee that they will be accurate at the time of your transaction. Cash rebates will only be tracked when a member is logged into their account and follows the store link from the Website. 

All transactions are with the individual store and not with Shopandmint. Shopandmint has no responsibility or obligation for the store transaction. 

All transactions are electronically traced through a third-party network and reported back to Shopandmint by the store and network. Shopandmint will make every effort to make sure the network and store report accurate transactions, however Shopandmint will not be held responsible for errors in transaction tracking or any form of failed tracking. If there is an error in tracking your transaction, Shopandmint will attempt to recover your rebate directly from the relevant network or store where the network or store permits this but the network or store's decision is final. There are various reasons why a purchase may have cashback cancelled or reversed; these are covered in our Frequently Asked Questions page in more detail. 

If a transaction is reversed by the store or network shopandmint will not pay out the relevant rebate. 

Where a cash rebate has been paid to a member, and the cashback from the store or network is subsequently clawed back or reversed for whatever reason, Shopandmint reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to deduct the cashback amount from the member's account or otherwise require the member to pay it back on demand. 

2. Payment Reporting and Schedule 
Transactions will appear in the Account section of the Website when the store confirms the transaction with Shopandmint. Transactions will be approved when the store confirms their validation requirements have been met. If the store does not provide validation requirements, transactions will attain validated status when the store pays Shopandmint for the transaction. 

Shopandmint makes no guarantees to payment of the cash rebate to you until payment has been received from the store or network. 

Rebate payments will be made monthly. Payments will be made subject to any minimum amount as per your account preferences. 

3. Member Account Validity and Termination 
Shopandmint only allows one account per person and it must be used only by that person. If we find that a user is letting their account be used by multiple people or if we find a user is manipulating multiple accounts we reserve the right to terminate the accounts in question. You must be an eligible user of a Shopandmint client to receive rebates. Shopandmint reserves the right to terminate any member account at any time. Shopandmint also reserves the right to refuse membership. 

3.1 Fraudulent and Deceptive Transactions 
If an account is found to contain transactions gained as a result of fraudulent activity or deceptive activity, the account may be terminated without notice and any cashback accumulated will not be paid out to the member. Shopandmint reserves the right to take legal action and/or other legal remedies to recover cash rebates that have been paid to members in respect of fraudulent or deceptive activity. Fraudulent and deceptive activity includes instances when a member undertakes purchases, bookings or other transactional activity at a store via the Website without any intention to consummate the transaction (for example where a member purchases and then cancels a transaction in order to attain a cashback payment). Fraudulent and deceptive activity will be defined by the relevant network or store or Shopandmint at their absolute discretion. In the event of a network or store claiming fraudulent or deceptive activity Shopandmint in its absolute discretion may communicate an appeal on your behalf, where reasonable and appropriate, however the network or store's decision is final. 

3.2 Unauthorised publishing of Website links 
You are not permitted to publish Website links with an account ID outside of the Website. If an account is found to contain transactions gained as a result of publishing Website links with an account ID outside of the Website, the account may be terminated without notice and any earnings contained will not be paid out to the member. 

3.3 Activities affecting Shopandmint's reputation 
We reserve the right to terminate a member's account without notice and any cashback accumulated will not be paid out to the member if a member is found to be operating their account in a manner which is deemed by Shopandmint as damaging to its reputation. This includes but is not limited to members who repeatedly sign-up for offers which do not require any purchase or financial outlay. These offers are provided by merchants for genuine customer leads and abuse of these offers will result in the merchant removing Shopandmint from their campaigns and may ultimately result in the network removing Shopandmint from its system. This would have a detrimental affect on the service that Shopandmint can offer to all its members and so will not be tolerated. 

3.4 Referral amount will only be credited into members account only after registration and the first purchase made by the referral

4. Modification of Terms and Conditions 
We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and in our sole discretion by posting a revised agreement on the Website. 

5. Legal Stuff 
These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of India, without reference to rules governing choice of laws. 

Our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement.